BIENVENIDOS, You are very WELCOME, sigueu BENVINGUTS To the 12th Congress of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis BARCELONA, 25-28 June 2014

This is a message for you. You are interested in Cutaneous Allergy and Contact Dermatitis,we are sure. Maybe from long time ago, you are an experienced and well known expert. Maybe just from few years ago, but you want to update your knowledge and know more and more in such field.

These are very good reasons to come to the next meeting of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis. This meeting will be held in Barcelona, June 2014. We want to invite you to follow actively how the Congress will be prepared and developed during the last 5 weeks. Our first objective will be to join experiences through the scientific sessions.

Our second objective will be to join a critical mass of common interest in Cutaneous Allergy and Contact Dermatitis that working together could address in the future common goals and challenges. Our third objective will be to offer you an open space to enjoy as much as possible your work. In order to obtain these purposes, the local organizing committee offers one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Barcelona.

The City where I was born, studied and I develop my daily activities. I would like to address to you a sincere “Welcome” or “Bienvenida”. Maybe you have been in this city more than once or maybe it will be your first time. I just want to transmit a few messages that I hope will help you to understand the spirit of this old but alive and changing city.

The power of Barcelona is based in the geography and the people. It is a pure Mediterranean city with a Port and this fact marks its cosmopolitan and commercial character. The power of Barcelona is not based in the official power is based in the people who were born here or who live here. Nothing has been given, everything was fought and worked for and this makes our personality.

We have two years for working together to build the next Congress, your meeting. Please be active. Show us your interest and ideas. The European Society of Contact Dermatitis through the scientific committee and the local organizers would like to be aware of them. I hope you can find some time in your agenda to join us during the next meeting of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis in Barcelona, June 2014.

Ana M. Giménez-Arnau
President of the 12th ESCD Congress



The congress was granted 21 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).